What is myHMB

myHMB is an innovative muscle health solution benefitting people of all ages and activity levels – from those recovering from illness to the elderly keeping up with their grandkids.


The most effective nutritional solution to increase, preserve and support healthy muscle function.

HMB, or β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate, is the active metabolite of leucine, a branched chain amino acid. In combination with exercise, HMB is known to regulate muscle in healthy and diseased populations, young or old. Over 50 human studies, 40 review
articles, and 4 meta-analyses have been published as peer-reviewed papers

Size and Strength

Body composition

Function and Quality of life

Mobility and Recovery

HMB uniquely both stimulates protein synthesis & reduces breakdown - dual mechanisms of action

Muscle is a dynamic tissue, continually breaking down and rebuilding itself at a rate of 1 2% per day.
Evidence recommends that 3g of CaHMB or HMB free acid is needed to maximize the anticatabolic benefits.
This requires supplementary HMB consumption as 3g of HMB is the equivalent amount that can be converted from 60g of leucine or 600g of protein.